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Travel Tips

Extra security precautions are being taken at airports and other transit hubs worldwide. A little pre-planning and understanding of both security rules and your right to privacy can help you avoid problems in transit and enjoy your travels.

In particular, remember that all airport screenings must be conducted with courtesy, dignity and respect. You may request screening in a private area at all U.S. airports and most international destinations.

A few additional tips to keep you on the go:

  • Pre-cut all cut-to-fit barriers at home.
    • Carry a Travel Communication Card (available from ConvaTec, the OstomyCanada Society or AQPS in Quebec). This card proves your need for stomacare supplies. You can show it to security personnel if you’re asked aboutyour ostomy supplies or your colostomy itself. While the card does notpreclude the possibility that you will be searched, it identifies you as havinga stoma and encourages the agent to carry out any necessary searcheswith discretion.
  • Pack at least three days worth of ostomy supplies in your carry-on luggage—just in case your checked luggage is misplaced.
  • Take extra supplies, in case of delays and/or non-availability at your destination.

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