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Having an ostomy should not prevent you from swimming.Below are some helpful tips to get you feeling confident in the water, whether it’s in your own backyard pool, the beach or on a cruise.

  • You can  swim  or be in the water while wearing your pouching system. Remember, your pouching system is water resistant and is designed not to leak with the proper seal. Water will not harm or enter your stoma.1
  • Check your pouch seal. Prior to swimming, make sure your seal is secure.
  • Empty your pouch before swimming. Also, ensure your wafer has been on for at least an hour prior to getting wet. If you are nervous about output, eat a few hours before jumping in.

  • Use a filtered pouch? Use a filter cover sticker on your deodorizing filter to prevent water from entering the pouch. You can remove the cover once you are dry.

  • What to wear? Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable. Swimming with an ostomy should be fun and worry-free regardless of what you're wearing. Shop with confidence knowing there are so many options that could work for you.

  • Always carry extra supplies in case you are somewhere where supplies may not be available.


Do you have other questions about swimming with an ostomy?

Our me+ support team is available to provide support and resources that may help you feel more confident at the pool or beach this year. Call 1-800-465-6302, Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (ET) or send an email to