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Resources to help make living with an ostomy work for you.

It’s only natural that you’ll have questions as you begin life with an ostomy. So we’ve curated a platform of honest, insightful tools that are constantly being updated called me+™ answers. It’s designed to give you the current, up-to-date ideas you need to gain confidence and get comfortable with your ostomy — all in one convenient place, whenever you need it. There are even ideas and information for those who are helping you care for your stoma at home.

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Nutrition & Diet

Living with a stoma should not impact your eating habits, but there are things to consider.

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Physical Activities

Get back to your favorite exercises and activities with these helpful tips and ideas.

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Travel Tips

While traveling with an ostomy can be stressful, a little extra planning can go a long way.

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Life after ostomy surgery can impact your feelings about intimacy and sexual relationships.

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Bathing and Showering

With the right information and products, bathing with an ostomy can still be a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Managing Humidity

Tips on how to feel more confident in humid weather and extend pouch wear times.

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Stoma Management

All stomas are not the same. Understand more about your stoma.

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Skin Care

Prevent peristomal skin issues and keep your skin healthy.

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Caring for a Child
with an Ostomy

Daily care and establishing a routine helps you and your child create healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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with an Ostomy Getting Back Into Life After Surgery

Life After Surgery

Despite the physical change, you are still the exact same person you were before ostomy surgery.

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Some helpful tips to get you feeling confident in the water, in the pool or at the beach.

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Fashion Tips

Some fashion tips and tricks for people living with an ostomy from our me+ community.

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With me+, you can get back to doing all the things that make you, you.

When you enroll in me+, you get all of the valuable resources and support you need right at your fingertips - from a dedicated team of ostomy nurses and specialists to information on product, lifestyle, and diet. You don't have to figure it out alone. Join today and let us help you get back to doing the things that make you, you.