You are so much more than your ostomy.


  • for People with an Ostomy
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Before Surgery

Feeling comfortable about your ostomy starts with understanding the procedure and what questions you should ask before surgery.

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Right After Surgery

Learn what to expect during the first 12 weeks after surgery, including information about emotional and physical concerns, physical activity, and nutrition tips.

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Living With an Ostomy

You deserve to live life on your own terms, without compromise—including all of the activities you love. We’re here to help you learn how.

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Before Surgery Preparing for Ostomy Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Ostomy surgery may seem overwhelming and a bit scary, but you’re in good company. We can help you get ready—physically and mentally.

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The Basics

Need to know more about your ostomy type? What’s a stoma? Not sure why a healthy stoma is critical in your new life? The facts you need are here.

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Right After Surgery

Immediate Weeks Following Surgery
When you are in the hospital, you will be taught how to care for your stoma.
Learn More Understanding Your Feelings After Surgery

Understanding Your Feelings

In the first few weeks following surgery, you may find yourself feeling confused, angry, sad or frustrated. This is normal.

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What to Expect During the First 12 Weeks

Your ostomy surgery is finished, and you are at home. For many people, surgery can be the beginning of a more comfortable life.

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Living With An Ostomy

Nutritional Advice

Living with a stoma shouldn’t impact your eating habits, but there are things to consider.

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Physical Activities

Get back to your favorite exercises with these helpful tips and ideas.

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Travel Tips

While traveling can be stressful, having an ostomy shouldn’t be a factor. A little extra planning can go a long way.

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Life after ostomy surgery can impact your feelings about intimacy and sexual relationships.

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Ostomy Product Information

Through our commitment to education, community, and advancements in product design and technology, we’re helping every person with an ostomy live life on their terms.

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Patient Support Information

You spend your days helping patients live their best lives. And we want to support you in your mission of increased positive outcomes for people living with ostomies.


From clinical posters to helpful images, ConvaTec’s me+ HCP resources will help you help your patients living with an ostomy.

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Learn about the types of ostomy surgery, how to care for peristomal skin, choosing a skin barrier, and more. 

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