AQUACEL® Dressings

AQUACEL® Dressings

AQUACEL® launched 25 years ago with a breakthrough technology — Hydrofiber

Over that time, we have seen so much change, so much innovation, and a fair few challenges along the way. But throughout it all, we’ve been by the side of clinicians and patients, providing the highest quality dressings and support.

Since then, we’ve never stopped innovating.

Today, the AQUACEL® family includes a wide range of wound dressings — including AQUACEL® Extra, AQUACEL® Foam, AQUACEL® Surgical and AQUACEL® Foam Pro.

In addition, our AQUACEL® Ag+ dressings are the #1 antimicrobial dressings today1, combining the infection-fighting power of ionic silver with the unique capabilities of Hydrofiber Technology.

AQUACEL® Extra With You When - An Era of Innovation
AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra Dressings - Specifically developed to win the battle against BIOFILM
Perfect Partners AQUACEL® Foam - designed to work with the AQUACEL® family of primary dressings

The AQUACEL® Family of Products

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Hydrofiber™ Technology


Hydrofiber™ Technology is a soft, absorbent material that transforms into a gel on contact with wound fluid

The gelling action creates an optimal environment for wound healing.2,3,4,5,6