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More than just great products, me+ brings you the tools and advice to help you make life with an ostomy completely your own

At first, living with an ostomy can feel as if your whole world is going to change. It’s normal to have many feelings and questions. But you’re not alone.

You'll receive the support, inspiration, insights and ideas that you need to live with an ostomy in your own way.

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We surround you with support for every part of your ostomy care

Getting used to living with an ostomy takes time—sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. The me+ support team knows you’ll have questions so we’re here to address them all in the weeks ahead. The care you need is just a phone call away. Our expert team of nurses and product specialists is available to:

  • Help you figure out which products are right for you.
  • Teach you how to take care of the skin around your stoma and change your ostomy system.
  • Help you cope with tricky lifestyle issues and anything else that may come up.

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Online resources to help make living with an ostomy work for you

It’s only natural that you’ll have questions as you begin life with an ostomy, so we’ve created a platform of honest, insightful online tools that are constantly being updated called me+ answers. It’s designed to give you the current, up-to-date ideas you need to gain confidence and get comfortable with your ostomy — all in one convenient place, whenever you need it. Your me+ answers resources include:

  • Caring for your stoma
  • Pouch application guide
  • Nutrition & diet
  • Life & style

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Your Guide to Recovery After Ostomy Surgery

If you’ve ever had ostomy surgery, currently have an ostomy or have had a reversal, then me+ recovery is for you.


In the early days after your operation, there’s a lot to come to terms with, and it can be a difficult and challenging time. But having an ostomy doesn’t have to stop you from living a completely normal and healthy life.

Try to be patient and don’t expect too much of yourself too soon. It can take a number of weeks for the surgical site and tissue to fully heal.1 However, during that recovery period you can help your recovery by beginning to take part in some gentle activity and movements. Follow the movement series, starting with Green Phase 1, which you can start within a few days after your surgery.

1 Mercandetti, M. Wound Healing and Repair. Medscape Updated March 2015. Accessed February 5, 2018.

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From jogging to simply meeting up with your friends, other people living with an ostomy can help you get where you want to go

Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who has already been where you are now. me+ community brings you Great Comebacks, a program ConvaTec has supported for over 30 years that celebrates inspiring people who are constantly reinventing what it means to live with an ostomy.

With me+, you can get back to doing all the things that make you, you.

When you enroll in me+, you get all of the valuable resources and support you need right at your fingertips - from a dedicated team of ostomy nurses and specialists to information on product, lifestyle, and diet. You don't have to figure it out alone. Join today and let us help you get back to doing the things that make you, you.