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Esteem®+ Flex Convex
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The only skin barrier designed to mold to the shape of your individual stoma. No cutting or scissors required. Made from skin protecting stoma adhesives.

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The Accordion flange skin barrier lifts a generous finger’s width away from the body to attach the pouch with minimal pressure on their abdomen.

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Are you experiencing leakage? Does your stoma sit at or below skin level? Do you have skin folds, creases or a soft abdomen? You may want to consider a product with convexity.

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+ Pouch Solutions

We have taken the features you know and trust and added innovative enhancements. Each product has been refined to help maximize performance for comfort, discreetness and security.

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About Ostomy Pouching Systems

Everyone's body and stoma is different. Learn more about the different components of an ostomy system and why some elements might be right for you. These helpful articles will walk you through some of the basics and some things to keep in mind when choosing the ostomy system that is right for you. Once you've read them, reach out to our me+ Team to learn more and request a free sample.

What is a Pouch

A pouch system collects your urine or stool, depending on your type of ostomy surgery.

Learn More about What is a Pouch What is a Skin Barrier

What is a Skin Barrier

A skin barrier adheres to your peristomal skin, helping protect your skin from stoma output.

Learn More about What is a Skin Barrier Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the Right Size

After surgery, your stoma may be swollen. Ensure you choose the appropriate pouch size.

Learn More about Choosing the Right Size ConvaTec Offers a Range of Options

A Wide Range of Options

Convatec offers products to fit a variety of patient and surgery types.

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Choosing the Right System

We can help you find the right system for your ostomy type.

Learn More about Choosing the Right System Basic application of Ostomy Systems

Basic Application of Ostomy Systems

Here are some basic guidelines for applying your pouching system.

Learn More about Basic Application of Ostomy Systems Finding the right skin barrier

Finding the Right Skin Barrier

Keeping your peristomal skin healthy is important for your health and comfort.

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1 What Is A Pouch And Barrier

Product Application Series

Helpful video Instructions on how to use Convatec Ostomy Pouching Systems and Accessories.

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Ostomy Accessories

Whether you are looking for better skin protection or added security to your ostomy system, with the right combination of accessories, you can feel even more comfortable and at ease. Convatec offers trusted products across all four important accessories categories: skin preparation, pouching support, added security and pouch removal.

Choosing the right accessory
View our guide to choosing the right accessories for your ostomy routine.
Ostomy Care Accessories
Diamonds™ Gelling Sachets with ActiveOne™ Odor Control - Product Image

Diamonds™ Gelling Sachets

With ActiveOne Odor Control, solidifies liquid contents to achieve a flatter, more discreet pouch.

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ESENTA™ Sting-Free Adhesive Remover

Provides fast and atraumatic removal of medical adhesive and any adhesive residue. 

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ESENTA™ Sting-Free Skin Barrier

Creates a barrier film that protects the skin from the damaging effects of adhesives, body waste and enzyme attack.

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eakin Cohesive®Seals

Help prevent leaks and skin irritation by forming an absorptive barrier around your stoma.

Learn More about eakin Cohesive®Seals

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