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For people living with an ostomy, humid climates and certain situations may cause concern in pouch wear time. The me+ support team has put together some useful tips just for you to help optimize your pouch wear time.

Feel more confident in humid weather with these tips:

  • Review your peristomal cleaning routine:  Using baby wipes or cleaners that include moisturizers may affect your pouch seal in hot, humid weather. Clean your peristomal skin with warm water and a simple bar of soap. To learn more about bathing or showering with an ostomy, follow this link.

  • Try a barrier wipe or spray before applying your pouch:  Silesse™ sting-free skin barrier wipes create a barrier film that protects the skin from the damaging effects of adhesives, body waste and enzyme attack. Using the barrier wipes in combination with  Stomahesive®  protective powder may help extend overall pouch wear time.

  • If you are in a humid climate or tend to perspire more, try a pouch with a Stomahesive® skin barrier and an acrylic tape collar:  NATURA® skin barriers provide a unique formula that enables the skin barrier to adhere to both dry and moist skin.

  • Using an eakin Cohesive® seal with your pouching system may help absorb additional moisture:  Help prevent leaks and skin irritation by forming an absorptive barrier around your stoma with eakin Cohesive® seals.

  • More frequent pouch changes may be required:  You may find in humid climates and situations that you need to change your pouch more often.