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Understanding Accessories

Ostomy Product Information

Our accessories help keep skin healthy. They provide essential protection against leaks, odours and ballooning as well as making adhesive removal gentle and effective to help minimize pain and discomfort. Together, our accessories help give people the protection they need to be confident and comfortable to do the things they love.


Solutions that help promote healthy skin by reducing irritation and damage.

Silesse™ sting-free skin barrier quickly creates a breathable barrier film that soothes and protects the skin from the irritation caused by adhesives, body waste and friction.
It’s simple to use and available in a soft pump spray or wipes.1

Gentle Application

Sting-free 100% silicone blend - forming a durable silicone film.

  • Designed to dry quickly
  • Residue-free, no build-up - securely attach new stoma solutions within seconds4 at every pouch change

SILESSE™ Sting-Free Barrier Spray

  • Non-clogging spray
  • Designed for even skin coverage

SILESSE™ Sting-Free Barrier Wipes

  • Generous 3ml saturation
  • Large wipe for greater skin coverage

SILESSE™ Sting-Free Barrier
Creates a barrier film that protects the skin from the damaging effects of adhesives, body waste and enzyme attack.

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Products that help create the best fit around the stoma and prevent leakage for better pouch performance.

Stomahesive™ Skin Barriers are a simple, effective way to help protect the skin around the stoma, minimizing leaks and giving people the confidence to live life the way they want to.

Gentle Application2

  • Custom-mold, stretch or stack (for convexity)
  • Help prevent leakage
  • Can be broken and rejoined
  • Gels when in contact with moisture to protect the skin
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting


  • Provide added security and comfort.
  • Act as a filler on uneven skin surfaces to help create a flatter area for the baseplate to adhere to
  • Designed to absorb moisture from the stoma to create a snug fit


  • Helps to protect exposed skin between the base of the stoma and the opening of the baseplate
  • May be used to fill crevices, skin folds and scars to help create a flat surface to aid pouch application

A multi-purpose skin barrier designed to help protect peristomal skin. Gentle on skin holds firmly to skin surface.

Placca Stomahesive® - Product Image
Stomahesive® 防漏膏 - Product Image


Products that help prevent leaks, odours and noise.

Our super-absorbent Diamonds™ gelling sachets, with unique ActiveOne™ Odour Control, solidify pouch contents. This helps prevent leaks, odours, and noise. They come in a sealed, easy-to-open jar and a convenient zip-lock ‘day bag’.

  • Perfect for ileostomates - designed for people with loose stools
  • Simple & less noise - quick, clean and easy-to-use
  • Helps minimize leakages - gelled content can be less likely to leak
  • Discreet and flat - gelled contents can be manipulated into a flatter shape
  • Reduces odours - ActiveOne™ odour control may help reduce excess gas

DIAMONDS™ Gelling and Odour Control Sachets
Solidify liquid contents and may reduce excess gas, enabling the user to achieve a flatter, more discreet pouch.



Solutions that help promote healthy skin by protecting it from irritation and damage caused by adhesives.

Regular pouch release and removal of the adhesive can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Niltac™ sting-free adhesive remover helps make baseplate removal quick and pain-free, gently easing the adhesive away without removing skin. It’s simple to use and available in a soft pump spray or wipes.

Gentle Application

  • Advanced sting-free 100% silicone blend - doesn’t sting on skin
  • Designed to dry fast - for quick pouch changes with no cold shocks
  • Fragrance, alcohol, oil, water and preservative-free

NILTAC™ Sting-Free Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

  • ‘Touch-free’ removal helps avoid trauma
  • Non-clogging spray
  • Designed for even skin coverage

NILTAC™ Sting Free Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes

  • Convenient format for everyday use on the move
  • Generous 3ml saturation
  • Large wipe for greater skin coverage

NILTAC™ Sting-Free Medical Adhesive Remover
Provides fast removal of medical adhesive and any adhesive residue.



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