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From firm to flexible through to soft, we have convex products to suit different stomas, abdomens, and lifestyles whether you are recovering at home, or using the products as part of your everyday life.

Choosing the right product is very important and the right type of convexity provides the comfort and reassurance you need to help you live a normal life.


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What is Convexity?

Convexity is the outward curving of the baseplate or skin
barrier.1,2  The wafer curves outwards towards the skin.3 Different convexities manage the irregularities of a stoma.4 and apply a uniform pressure to the immediate peristomal skin, improving the projection of the stoma for drainage.5

Convexity also helps maintain a secure seal between
the pouch and the skin, therefore simplifying stoma
management for patients and enhancing their quality
of life.6

When to Use Convexity

Different from a flat skin barrier, which lies flat against the skin, a convex skin barrier may be used for management of difficult stomas, including:


The One-Piece Convex System

The Esteem®+ portfolio offers a range of one-piece convex products with various depths to help provide comfort, freedom, security and reassurance to your patient, all designed for different stoma shapes and sizes.

Esteem® Flex Convex

The preferred convexity for skin folds or creases and flush, protruding and retracted stomas.

Designed with confidence and security in mind with a choice of innovative features. Flexible convexity fits and moves with the contours of the body for comfort and easy positioning.

Includes strong, skin-friendly adhesives in a cut-to-fit option. Available in a choice of drainable and urostomy pouches.

The Esteem+ Flex Convex system is available in 4 plateau widths to accommodate a range of stomas.



Esteem®+ Soft Convex

The preferred convexity for firm or toned abdomens and flush or protruding stomas.

Soft convexity designed with a shallow profile, which minimizes pressure.

Conforms well to the body and is comfortable to wear. Includes strong, skin-friendly adhesives in cut-to-fit, drainable and urostomy pouch options.

The Esteem+ Soft Convex system is available in 3 plateau widths to address a range of stoma management issues.



416738 Esteem+ Pre Cut

Esteem®+ Drainable Pouch

The all-in-one solution designed to help manage irregular stomas and abdomens to help reduce leakage and simplify stoma management.

Firm, pre-cut convex skin barrier with a convex wafer depth of 5 mm, Durahesive® Technology, which adheres to skin and protects it from breakdown, a filter with an anti-clogging film layer, and InvisiClose® clipless tail closure with a strong hook-on-hook fastener.



The Two-Piece Convex System

Two-piece systems include a skin barrier and a separate pouch that securely join together. There are two brands that make up the ConvaTec Two-Piece Ostomy Systems: Natura®+ and Esteem synergy®.

Convex IT

Natura® Durahesive® Skin Barrier with Pre-Cut Opening and CONVEX-IT®  Technology

421638 Natura CVX Accordion

Natura® Durahesive® Convex Skin Barrier with Cut-to-Fit Opening and Accordion Flange

404593 Natura Cvx Cmt 300 (1)

Natura® Durahesive® Convex Skin Barrier with ConvaTec Moldable Technology

409269 Esteem Synergy CVX

Esteem synergy® Durahesive® Convex Skin Barrier with ConvaTec Moldable Technology

Frequently Asked Questions on Convexity

How do I know if convexity is right for me?

Contact the me+ team today to request an ostomy system evaluation and product samples.

What range of convexity products are available?

ConvaTec offers a choice of Soft, Flexible, and Firm convexity products to suit different stomas, abdomens. and lifestyles.

What is meant by plateau?

A narrow plateau width is used to create pressure directly around the stoma and a wider plateau is used to help flatten out skin creases away from the stoma.

I experience leakage from my ostomy system, can convexity help?

Our extensive range of convexity solutions are curved to fit your body and help give you a secure seal around your stoma, to help prevent leakage.

Do Esteem+ Flex & Soft Convex products contain latex?

No, these products do not contain latex.7

Do Esteem+ Flex & Soft Convex products contain gelatin?

No. these products do not contain gelatin.7

What makes Esteem+ Soft Convex "soft"?

It is the height of the wafer at 4mm (that minimizes pressure on the skin), and also the rigidity of the ring, that minimizes pressure on the skin, to help make it soft.


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Think convexity might be right for you?

You may want to consider using a convex wafer if: 

  • You are experiencing leakage.
  • Your stoma sits at or below skin level.
  • You have skin folds, creases, or a soft abdomen.

Contact the me+ team today at 1-800-465-6302 to speak with one of our product specialists or nurses.