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Esteem®+ Flex Convex

As the latest addition to our range of one-piece ostomy solutions, the Esteem®+ Flex Convex system combines the comfort and freedom of flexibility with the firmness of convexity.

The Esteem®+ Flex Convex system fits the contours of your body, moving with you and helping to give you the confidence to live life the way you want.

All bodies are different.  Convex wafers are designed to help manage irregular stomas and abdomens to help to reduce leakage and simplify stoma management.

What is Convexity?

There are two types of skin barriers within ostomy pouching systems1:

  • Flat - a skin barrier which is flat against the skin surface.
  • Convex - an outward curving of the skin barrier towards the skin.2,3

Moves with you – flexible convexity fits to body contours for comfort and easy positioning.

Designed for skin health and security – the hydrocolloid skin barrier is made to stay firmly in place, helping to minimize leakage. Soft tapered edges also help resist snagging on clothing.


You may want to consider using a convex wafer if:

  • You are experiencing leakage

  • Your stoma sits at or below skin level

  • You have skin folds, creases or a soft abdomen



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The Products

Esteem®+ Flex Convex products are available in a choice of drainable and urostomy pouches, with cut-to-fit options to suit a range of stoma shapes and sizes.

  • Comfort and discretion – soft, quiet fabric
  • Peace of mind – split-fabric, easy-view window for accurate positioning and observation
  • Trust – the filter on the drainable option helps minimize odors and ballooning, while the anti-reflux valve on our urostomy pouch helps prevent back flow of output
  • Reassurance –the structure of the drainable pouch is designed to protect the filter from liquid output
  • Simple secure fastening – the clipless closure on the drainable option helps make cleaning and emptying easy
  • Available with multiple wafer sizes – from small to X-large (drainable only) for wider diameter stomas - up to 57 mm (2 1/4")
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