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Esteem+ Flex Convex

The Esteem®+ Flex Convex one-piece ostomy system combines the comfort and freedom of flexibility with the firmness of convexity.

The Esteem+ Flex Convex system fits the contours of your body, moving with you, and helping to give you the confidence to live life the way you want.

What is Convexity?

Convexity is the outward curving of the baseplate or skin barrier.1,2 The wafer curves outwards towards the skin.3 Different convexities manage the irregularities of a stoma4 and apply a uniform pressure to the immediate peristomal skin, improving the projection of the stoma for drainage.5

Convexity also helps maintain a secure seal between the pouch and the skin, therefore simplifying stoma management for patients and enhancing their quality of life.6


There are two types of skin barriers within ostomy pouching systems1:

  • Flat: A skin barrier which is flat against the skin surface.
  • Convex: An outward curving of the skin barrier towards the skin.2,3

You may want to consider using a convex wafer if:

  • You are experiencing leakage.
  • Your stoma sits at or below skin level.
  • You have skin folds, creases or a soft abdomen.

Plateau width and why it matters

Successful convexity must press down on the peristomal skin enough to make a good seal around the base of the stoma and help with protrusion.The Esteem+ Flex Convex system is available in 4 plateau sizes to accommodate a range of stomas and abdomens.

Esteem+ Flex Convex Plateau Widths

Note: Size Extra-Large (V0) is available in the drainable pouch range only.

Key benefits of the Esteem+ Flex Convex system:

  • Moves with you: Flexible convexity fits to body contours for comfort and easy positioning.
  • Skin health and security: Hydrocolloid skin barrier is designed to stay firmly in place, helping to minimize leakage.
  • Designed for skin health and security: Soft tapered edges also help resist snagging on clothing.

Esteem+ Flex Convex Drainable

Esteem+ Flex Convex Urostomy


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