Natura® Skin Barriers with Accordion Flange

Ostomy Care

Natura® Skin Barriers with Accordion Flange

Healthcare Professional Education

Help minimize pressure on the abdomen

Natura® Skin Barriers with Accordion Flange make pouch application much easier and more comfortable. A post-operative option designed to prevent pressure or trauma.

Accordion Flange Pouch Attach

Natura® Skin Barriers with Accordion Flange lift a generous finger’s width away from the body so your patients can attach their pouch with minimal pressure on their abdomen.

  • Lift ‘UP’ flange to easily attach the pouch away from the body.
  • Designed to be suitable for people with compromised dexterity or limited eyesight.
  • Low profile in the ‘DOWN’ position so it’s not visible under clothing.
  • Created to helps minimize abdomen pressure and pain when attaching the pouch.
  • Audible ‘click’ and physical ‘snap’ to confirm the pouch is firmly attached.
Accordion En

Accordion Flange - Simply Uplifting

Accordion Take The Pressure Off En

Take the Pressure Off Pouch Application

A Comprehensive Portfolio To Suit A Wide Range of Patients

Tailored solutions to suit patients’ lifestyles and a variety of abdomens and stomas, ensuring continuum of care from hospital to home and throughout their life with an ostomy.



Think the Accordion Flange might be right for your patient?

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